HMS Waxbath – 15KG


Model : Waxbath -15 KG
Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

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Specifications :

Filament : Industrial Heater
Thermostat : 30- 1100
Power Indicator : Available
Thermostat indicator : Available
Safety Fuse : Provided
Thermostat Control : 30-1100 c with auto cut off and maintaining the set temperature.

Description :

Paraffin wax for therapy is one of the most convenient; reasonably efficient method of applying conducted to the extremities. Wax has a low thermal conductivity, and therefore it gives off heat slowly. The low thermal conductivity of the wax prevents the patient’s feeling as hot as in water of the same temperature.

  1. 7 kg wax bath
  2. 15 kg’s wax bath
  3. 30 kg’s wax bath

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