HMS – Un Weighing System – Gait Trainer

Model : Un Weighing System – Gait Trainer
Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

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Description :

HMS Rehab GAIT TRAINING SYSTEM is used to reduce pressure of whole body to lower limps of the patient, while through hanging belts so as to ensure safety. Mainly used for those patients such as arthritis lower limp’s disability, pain and spasm caused by nervous system dysfunction, and help patients recover walking function.

Features :

  • Dual motor functions
  • Remote control functions
  • Hanging scale for weight display
  • Heavy duty lockable caster wheel
  • Treadmill can be attached
  • Lift patient up to 200 kgs.

Specifications :

  • Frame – Heavy duty metal frame
  • Height of the main frame – 225cm
  • Weighing capacity – 250kgs
  • Hanging lifting range – 0 – 70cm
  • Lifting mechanism – Electric DC operated imported motor
  • Recommended treadmill – Slow medical treadmill
  • Operating Voltage – 220V / 50Hz
  • Dimensions – L x B x H – 100 x 110 x 225cm

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