HMS- Shoulder Wheel Small

Model : Shoulder Wheel Small
Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

Description :

A 75 cm diameter, tubular steel constructed Wheel is fitted with Resistance mechanism and 360 degree roation. The wheel revolves smoothly with C.I. drum for shoulder wheel exercises.

Features :

  • Mounting : Wheel is mounted on Three laminated hard-wood wall boards of which Two board are fitted with Two Stainless Steel channels to give wheel 50cm height adjustment to suit each patient.
  • Arc of Motion : Arc of motion can be varied from 30cm to 80cm by fixing handle at the required place.
  • Resistance : Wheel is fitted with advanced Calibrated Sensitive Resistance mechanism and the resistance is controllable from Zero to Maximum.
  • Feed Back : A 360 degree rotation is provided on the drum to measure & record the degree of revolution from either direction (for Left or Right Shoulder) for immediate feed-back to the patient.